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Patent Pending.

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Capsmart or Magikap, is a pick up truck cap that is smart, very smart, so smart that it does real magic. It allows you to go from work to sport, from sport to work, from having a cap to not having a cap in less than 5 minutes literally.

It is a cap that will cover your pick up truck's bed to protect your cargo. It is light, secure, roomy, versatile, exotic and it is indeed, the best invention after the invention of your pick up truck it self.

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Our Videos On Youtube

Capsmart in action

We do invite you to watch our videos on youtube. While you invest your time to learn more about our product, we recommend that, for a better understanding of how it comes together, please pay attention and do follow the video sequence number: Vid# 1, Vid# 2, Vid# 3, Vid# 4, Vid# 5, and so on. Please comment on our videos and subscribe to our youtube channel.

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Here's a deal

Under no obligation, no payment upfront, we are collecting information from anyone who would like to be among the first ones to get  a  when our production line begins.

Please give us your first, last name, e-mail addess, phone number, and specs of your pickup. We will be in contact with you.  

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Thanks for your feedback!

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The Answer Slot

Your answer could be here, if not, just ask please.

When will Capsmart be available for purchase?

We are working hard to make it ready to be shipped ASAP, but no designated date yet. Please, provide us your information by filling out the form above, so you can be among the first ones to know when one of them can be yours.

Will Capsmart be available for my pickup truck?

Yes, that's the plan. Capsmart will be available for all makes and models of pickup truck, including yours.

What will be the price of a Capsmart?

Not clear yet, we can only state that it will be cost effecient for such a convenient, practical and useful piece of accessory.

Can Capsmart match the color of my truck?

It will have different finishes, which will include the pickup truck color matching.

Is Capsmart safe?

We've worked, still working, and will keep working to make it as safe as it can be. However, like any product, its safety requires responsible use.

Can I adjust things on it?

Yes, pretty much everything on it is adjustable.

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